Travel pack with silverware and 2 bowls. Great for camping or traveling
Walden farms, skinny girl and Maple Grove farms. These all tastes wonderful but I'm doing high-fat ketogenic and I would love for somebody to use these. Pick up near Lake Sawyer.
Barely used electric dehrydator for jerky or fruits and vegetables. Fan in back. 6 adjustable trays.
They are all good. Can t justify keeping if I don t use. Want someone who can use. Two meat spices
Still have time to get your free coffee in January !! Brand new 2019 Starbucks Coffee & Tea refill tumbler This tumbler is brand new however does not have the tag. And has a dent on the bottom when it was sent to me. Price reflected by the imperfections. This refill tumbler came out Nov, 2018 and was $55 ( because you can get free drinks in Jan. 2019) Just present it to your barista every day i...